Pizzeria Monzu - Italian Oven, Cocktail, Wine and Beer Bar - Las Vegas

Monzú Italian Oven & Bar

A Modern Italian Experience

It starts with the dough. Full of flavor and easy to digest, our naturally leavened dough made with our proprietary mother, is crafted over five days. To achieve its unique flavor profile, we developed one strain of starter with apricots from a local farm and added a mother starter said to be more than 300 years old - curated from the Neapolitan island of Ischia.

It doesn't stop at pizza - our focus on in-season, reginionally specific and high quality ingredients has also led to our beloved and unique takes on Sicilian classics and inventive new takes on antippasti, insalate, pasta, and beautiful steaks, chops and fish.

Craft Cocktail Bar

Our expansive beverage program encompasses inventive takes on classic cocktails, an expansive and regional wine list, and craft beers.

Utilizing ingredients such as blood orange and basil infused grappa, house infused fennel vodka, and fine spirits, you're sure to find both new cocktails and old classics, always done right.

Curated Event Menus

Our experience isn't exclusively for small gatherings or date nights - Monzu is set to accomodate and host parties of any size up to 150.

We also bring our menu outside of our walls, and can cater and deliver our fare for as many people as you can invite.

Live Entertainment

Accompanying your fine food and drink, we host live music and bands that gives your time here a warm and relaxed experience.

Giovanni Mauro | Chef Owner

"If it’s true God is in the details, Giovanni Mauro must walk among the angels. And Las Vegas is reaping the blessings at his new Pizzeria Monzu." - Las Vegas Review Journal, 2018

Chef Giovanni "Gio" Mauro is the owner of both Monzu and Old School Pizzeria in Las Vegas, originals concepts dedicated to Mauro’s “respect for ingredients” philosophy. No commercial yeast, all natural starters, a commitment to fresh and seasonal menu items, and a focus on strong community ties. With these restaurants, he and his staff work to expand upon that philosophy and present a unique and authentic experience to Las Vegas, sharing recipes cultivated from his proud Sicilian heritage. Wanting to give more than just a meal, Chef Giovanni is most passionate about creating a personal connection through the cooking and sharing of food, and is looking forward to gathering at the table with the Las Vegas community.